7 Budget Sport Watches Under 50$

7 Budget Sport Watches Under 50$

Spotting attractive watches doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can still look smart and dressed up for an event with a watch that does not cost more the $50. If you want to get the best watch you desire, you need to research a lot to find out how and where you can get your desired piece of luxury. Over the past few years, advancement in technology has ensured major changes across the spectrum and watches are one of the devices transformed. You may not have known this, but even the advanced trackers, which come with sleep analytical tools for monitoring your heart rate can be found at affordable rates. Apart from your heart rate, you can track your steps, calories burned, distance traveled and many other things. This means that these watches can help you live a healthier life.
Here are 7 of the best budget sport watches to check out.


The men’s wristwatch sport led light design from Quartz is a reliable piece of sports gear. It comes complete with an easy-to-use calendar, auto date, alarm, chronograph, and stopwatch properties. More features include; the LED display, backlight, multiple time zone, and luminous. What makes the watch stand out most is the dual display, shock resistant feature, and ability to withstand fluids.
The round design and pure plastic material keep it lightweight and convenient. It is not cumbersome because it holds right to your wrist and allows you to run or exercise without feeling like it is a burden. Since it comes with all the features necessary, it is easy to replace the expensive ones for this cheap watch. You can still achieve all you needed with the high-end feature-rich watch. 

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This watch is loved for its ability to withstand shock and water. It is rugged and a great option for training in rugged terrains. It comes loaded with features to allow you to make the most of your training exercises. Soldiers love the wristwatch because it is lightweight and comes with all the features you would need from a luxurious sports watch at a fraction of the price. Some of the functional elements include; diver, multiple time zone, alarm, stopwatch, auto date, backlight, and luminosity.


This is one of the best innovations from Quartz Company. With a bandwidth of 22mm, the sports watch has all the features you would need if you check out the competing companies. The band is made rubber and has an oval design to fit perfectly on a hyperactive hand. It comes with a dual display with shock display and waterproof display as well. If you still love analog, you can benefit from the option as well.


Quartz latest version of the digital watch lightweight has the widest range of colors to choose from. It is among the top brands available and you can use it for a variety of functions as well. The best part is that it is affordable even if you are on a budget and can still use all features possible.


If you want to add style to your watch then this is the best choice. The quartz wristwatch is 22 mm with a complete calendar. Among its notable features are LED display, waterproof, alarm, as well as an auto date setting. The watch is also shock resistant. It can also function as a stopwatch.
The display design is dual in nature. It is unique because of its material; plastic makes sit light and fancy. The glossy finishing on the straps gives you an elegant look even while you are on sports. You can get all these at unimaginably cheap price.


If you love black color, which is often associated with elegance this is your only choice. Just like most sporty accessories, it is light and will easily fit with your dressing code for the day. The notable features of this quartz wristwatch are backlight, diver allowance meaning highly water resistant and multiple time zone. The watch automatically adjusts to your time zone. The luminous and shock resistant features also attribute to its uniqueness. The best thing about this fancy watch is its cost, it is amazingly affordable. Now here to find such a fancy dial display.


A watch is essential for sports but if you are concerned about your comfort and flexibility then the buckle design for this wrist watch is the best. The band material is all rubber. The wristwatch comes with multiple time zone, shock resistance, chronograph, water resistance, a complete calendar and alarm feature. A backlight also enhances usage. You won’t have trouble using it in early mornings when exercising.  You won’t believe when you look at the price tag; it is actually below 50 USD.


The military design is not short of elegance; it is more than what you expect for 50 USD. The digital wristwatch with the jungle green color gives you confidence. Besides the feeling, it has interesting features. The plastic casing with resin band material makes it unique. There are no restrictions with this, you can adjust to your exact fitting and spend several hours in the water without compromising on its functionality. It also has a backlight, complete calendar, stopwatch, and dual display. The auto date and shock resistant features attribute to their uniqueness.

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