Do magnetic bracelets work?

Do magnetic bracelets work?

Do Magnetic Bracelets Work at Easing Pain?

Magnetic bracelets and jewelry have been worn for managing pain in the body going back to Renaissance times. Even with our modern advances in medicine, people still desire to wear something that provides a better alternative than ingesting a pain pill that may cause side effects. While magnetic bracelets can be decorative in many different fashions and styles, the real question is whether magnetic bracelets work at easing pain? 

Let's examine the properties of these bracelets and see if we can figure it out.

How Does a Magnetic Bracelet Work?

A magnetic bracelet must have a high amount of a magnetic elemental metal such as iron, copper, or alloys, a mixture of metals with nonmetals. These bracelets can be plated to change the color, but it should be noted that you won't find magnetic bracelets in genuine silver or gold as these metals are not magnetic. 

In science, magnetism is measured by strengths or "gauss." This is usually between 300 to 5000 gauss. The magnetism is minimal to keep this jewelry safe to wear. For example, the magnetic force of magnets in an MRI machine is much more powerful. 

Do Magnetic Bracelets Work?

It depends on how we answer the question. If you grab some fridge magnets and hold them near your magnetic bracelet, then yes, they will be attracted to each other and attach.

If it's about whether magnetic bracelets will help with pain, then it depends. 

Much of the pain in our bodies can be due to a variety of conditions. In the past, magnetic bracelets were most commonly worn to manage arthritic pain in the joints or other regions of your body. Arthritis can cause inflammation, redness, and swelling around the fingers, hands, elbows, knees, hips, and feet. 

If you're expecting a bracelet to improve pain from your headache or a broken bone, then no, a magnetic bracelet won't help for that. But there are still benefits to wearing a magnetic bracelet for other health conditions. Many people with arthritis have reported that they feel better if they wear magnetic jewelry near their sore spots. And we can't find fault with that, as we know the big pharma-companies aren't going to pay to research an area where there's little money in it. 

Magnetic bracelets are most effective at offering pain relief in the wrists for joint pain and arthritis. Still, they might be useful for repetitive stress injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome too.

How Can a Magnetic Work at Easing Pain?

It's not magic; we can assure you of that. First of all, wearing a bracelet on your sore wrist will help you be more aware of it. It'll provide a bit of support in keeping it straight and secure, much like if you wore a wrist brace. 

The magnetic bracelets are also made from copper and iron, which are essential elements for the human body. Of course, these elements can't penetrate the first few skin layers to get inside our bloodstreams, so that can't be why they work. 

Bracelets made from metal are naturally cooling, which may also have a positive effect on your body as it will reduce inflammation. 

There's also that placebo factor that if you believe something will work, it really will, kind of like the power of positive thinking. After all, even small changes in your daily routine will see an improvement in your health. Doctors are fast to prescribe harmful medication, when really, we should start at the basics to getting better, leaving medicines as a last resort. 

Many people report that wearing magnetic bracelets has helped ease their arthritic pain in fingers, hands, wrist, and arm. So, now we're back to the magnetism part. Do magnetic bracelets work?

How Does Magnetism Work?

Magnets produce magnetic fields that can attract certain metals. You only have to place two near each other to feel their power. These lines of force exit the magnet's north pole and enter its south pole. Hard magnets exert these fields always. 

The magnets used for healthcare are called bio magnets. Bio magnet therapy is an actual health remedy. They are safe for most people and offer a non-invasive way to treat pain naturally. There isn't a lot of data on their treatment effectiveness, though. 

But we do know that if vast levels of magnetism can hurt us (we can't have an MRI every day), then certainly there must be some effect on its invisible magnetic fields can affect the outer layers of our body, and also affect the minerals that are also inside us. 

Do Magnetic Bracelets Work at Pain?

We advise that if you are experiencing any pain in your hands or arms for more than a week to seek a doctor's advice. If you have any metal inside your body, you should not use them at all. (ie. pacemaker, hip replacement, insulin pump, etc.) 

Once you have a treatment plan in place, add a natural form of healthcare, such as buying a magnetic bracelet for easing pain. Magnetic bracelets are more than their magnetism, and we believe that you will experience their power of healing if you buy one and give it a chance to make you feel better. And if not, you'll still smile as you glance at your new fashion statement. 

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