when were backpacks invented

when were backpacks invented

In today's fast-paced everyday life, each of us has at least one backpack to use. He has used this object at least once in his life, whether for a trip, a walk in the mountains, going to school, or a picnic in nature. The backpack is an integral part of all scientific expeditions and when climbing mountains. In recent years, many fashion brands have imposed the backpack as part of their collections. But have you ever wondered where the backpack comes from?

How backpacks were invented and when they were first used.

The first information that we have comes from the very formation of humanity. The first evidence of the use of a backpack dates from 991. Remains of a man with a backpack have been found in the Alps. The backpack is a prototype of the modern one consisting of boards and stretched leather from a wild animal. It is believed that the ancients resorted to this prototype because they went hunting for days and sometimes weeks. They needed to take things with them but at the same time keep their hands free.

Over the years, the backpack has undergone a major transformation, but the goal remains the same: carrying loads and hands-free.

 In Germany, they used the backpack to renovate water, firewood, and hay. There is even a monument dedicated to the "carriers" on which you can clearly see the backpack's prototypes.

The Aztecs, on the other hand, had a wooden backpack with a strap on their forehead.

Roman legions also used an interesting prototype of the backpack; they tied their shields and attached them to their backs. There they kept the most important things for them.

A Russian cartoonist shows the girl Masha who, with the help of a backpack made of vine leaves, manages to escape from the bear. This type of backpack has been distributed in many Russian villages. With the help of this backpack, various fruits, mushrooms, and various forest gifts were collected.

History of the creation of the backpack and the types of backpacks.

The word comes from the German language: Literally, Sack is a shoulder bag worn on the back of Rücken, hence Rucksack.

Backpacks are undergoing a great evolution to reach our days. Over time, heavy wood elements have been replaced by lighter steel and metal bases. Canvas ones often replace many leather items. Many models replace the leather elements of backpacks with nylon or aluminum to be more durable and weather resistant. The first backpacks arrived on the European continent from America and were used as military items. Backpacks can be used for everything, so we will try to divide them into their main groups according to their purpose.

  1. Padded type.

This model differs in that it does not have any frame. They differ in volume and can be very small and very large to store even sleeping bags. This model of backpacks' main advantages are that they are lighter due to the lack of a frame and that they can be easily folded and folded; they take up little space.

  1. Type with frame

From the name, we understand that this model consists of two elements: the frame and the bag itself. With the frame's help, the backpack sits upright, which is usually the most common for backpacks for expeditions and mountain climbing.


We will try to present you with several models of backpacks from the two main groups so that you can choose the most suitable for you according to the purpose for which you will use them.

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