How Does Automatic Watches Work

How Does Automatic Watches Work

We will try to briefly present how your automatic watch works, the main advantages and disadvantages, as well as some of its features.

Automatic watch and what distinguishes it from the mechanical one?
The automatic watch is a mechanical watch. The difference between the two types of watches is that in the automatic model, the watch's winding is done by your hand's movement, and it is not necessary to wind it manually. This type is also known as "self-winding." This watch's mechanism is made of springs and wheels that transmit energy to the insoles and drive them.

How to wind an automatic watch?

As we have already said above in the article, driving an automatic watch is quite complicated. We will try to explain it understandably and easily. One of the main parts of automatic models is the so-called "rotor." Represents a weight that is in the mechanism of the watch and is connected to a spring. When you move your wrist during the day, this weight winds the spring, which drives the hands of your automatic watch. Automatic watches also protect against rewinding and breaking this spring: it is called a "clutch."
Winding mechanism.

One of the disadvantages of automatic watches is that it has to be worn regularly because it stops or lags. An easy way to protect your watch from this is to put it in a "winding mechanism." Fortunately, this mechanism is not expensive and can be found in many online stores. It is a small device that moves the automatic watch when you are not wearing it. This is very important, especially for models with dates and calendars. If you still decide not to use this device and choose not to wear it every day, you will need to check the date and time.

Advantages of the automatic watch:

What are the advantages of this model?

1. No battery needed. One of the most significant advantages of those watches is that they do not need a battery. If you choose a high-quality mechanism of a new generation, this model of watches in practice is eternal.
2. You will not have to wind it by hand. If you are overwhelmed by the fact that with mechanical watches, you have to wind it by hand but still want to stick to the mechanism's sophisticated look, the automatic watch is the right solution for you.
3. Smooth movement. The automatic watch provides the same smooth and even movement of the insoles as the mechanical watches with manual winding.
4. Character. The automatic watch is stylish and elegant, and its mechanism is even more complicated than that of the mechanical watch.

Disadvantages of the automatic watch.

1. This model is sensitive to the environment. The factors that can damage an automatic watch are the same as with a mechanical watch. They are moisture, dust, shocks, and magnets.
- Moisture: if your watch is not waterproof, it is not recommended to be wet or immersed in water. This can seriously damage your mechanism and stop it.
- Dust: Dust is also a serious problem with automatic watches. It is superimposed on the clock mechanism; it slows down and stops. Therefore, it is recommended that the watch be worn for maintenance at least once every three years.
- Shocks: if the watch is hit hard or dropped, it may be damaged. Shockproof are now available.
- Magnets: If a strong magnet touches the watch, the metal parts in it can move.
2. They must be stored in winding mechanisms: Those watches do not require winding only if worn regularly. That is why it is recommended to keep them in a winding mechanism. Otherwise, you will have to check it every time before wearing it. It should be noted that the new models of automatic watches last up to 2 days without being worn.
3. Accuracy. Automatic watches are one of the most accurate. However, they will lose accuracy over time, so they need to be worn periodically for calibration. For new automatic and mechanical watches, it is recommended that this happens once every three years. Naturally, each manufacturer determines these terms itself.
4. Price. They are much more expensive than analog watches. This makes them a symbol of style and sophistication. The technology of the mechanism is not cheap.
5. Maintenance. As we have mentioned several times, automatic watches need maintenance. Oil change, calibration, and dust removal. With proper care of the watch, it is practically eternal.
We leave it to you to decide if you want to have an automatic watch, but do not forget that these are some of the most preferred and sought after watches on the market. There is a reason for this.
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