How To Choose the Best Watch For Us (Pictures)

How To Choose the Best Watch For Us (Pictures)

Determine Why You Want a Watch?
Many people need watches to help them keep track of time. Watches help us to stay punctual. Needless to say, without watches, we wouldn’t even know what time it is and that would cause many problems in our daily lives.
Some people wear watches to look at the time but some wear it with more focus on style.
Watches are a staple fashion accessory that will never go out of style. Even with the simplest of outfits, wearing a watch changes the whole look.
Find a Watch That Matches Your Personality
Different people have different personalities. Although one may think that watches have no relation to a person’s personality, they are completely wrong.
People match their style with their personality all the time. When one matches their style, outfits or accessories in this case, with their personalities, it just means that they are letting their clothing show who they truly are.
For instance, a person with an outgoing personality may prefer bright, bold colored watches with fun straps in different shapes. Moreover, a person with a darker personality may prefer dark colored watches or chunky watches.
How To Choose the Best Watch For Us
Unique Design Watch
Choose a Watch Face Material and, Color
Watches have different types of face material. The face material of a watch is the top part that is often of a glass material. Watches are covered in different types of glass. Some have their pros and cons but all of them are available in the market.
One type of face watch is called Acrylic Glass. This is the least expensive glass that is used in watches. In fact, it is called a glass but rather, it is actually plastic material. It is flexible and transparent, but, it could easily get scratched.
Any scratches can be removed but this should be done by a professional just in case the plastic breaks. Plastic is usually made for children’s watches because it is tough and not easily breakable.
Mineral glass is the most common type of watch glass. It is made with certain chemicals that make it scratch resistant. If, however, the glass does get scratched too much then it should be changed because it may break and lead to the watch becoming useless.
Sapphire Crystal is the type of glass used by the biggest watch companies. This is, even more, scratch resistant than mineral glass. Sapphire crystal is not likely to shatter even if it is dropped.
Watches have multiple colors and designs. Some have designs and colours for kids, some for adults and some have simple colors and designs that can generally be used by anyone.
A very large variety of colors and designs/prints are available for watches. Sometimes, you may also be given the option of a customized design.
Select a Watch Face Shape
Watches have multiple face shapes as well. There are Circle Shapes, Rectangle, Square, Triangle, Cushion, Tonneau, asymmetrical and Avant-Garde.
In all of these watch shapes the most common shapes found are currently, Square, Rectangle and Circle shapes. The remaining shapes are mostly used by high-end brand watch designers and come at a high price.
The Triangle Shape is like an ordinary triangle shaped watch. It isn’t seen in ordinary shops but it can be found.
The Cushion Shape is more like a Squircle. It is a square shape with a circle like edges which makes it look like a square-circle watch.
The next shape is Tonneau. It has a rectangle shape with circle edges. It is a little similar to the cushion watch due to the same rounded edges.
The next watch is called the asymmetrical watch. It looks like an ordinary circle watch but it actually has a very thin crown side.
The next shape is a rather different shape and is called the Avant-Garde. It is shaped like a side triangle. This is not common at all but again, can be found high-end designer stores.
Choose a Band Material
There are different types of band or strap materials that are typically used in watches. Some of these consist of plastic, leather, metal and, many more. In some place, there may also be snakeskin watch bands available. 
Alongside this, all these watch straps come in various designs.
leather band watch
Choose Mechanical or Quartz Watches
Every watch has something called a movement which, although uncommon, can be important for a man with an eye for detail. There are two types of watch movements which are known as Mechanical and Quartz.
The Quartz movement causes the clocks second hand to move in single “ticks” and is powered by a battery. The accuracy of a Quartz watch is said to be far better than the rest. Moreover, this type of movement in a watch is usually beneficial for those who are looking for a less expensive but classic watch.
Mechanical watches, on the other hand, are more expensive than quartz movement watches. Unlike the single passes of quartz, the mechanical movement uses a spring-driven process that is powered by the energy from the mainspring to make the watch run.
These watches are better for one who isn’t afraid to spend a little extra on a smooth running and durable watch.
Decide between Analogue and Digital faces
Last but not least, we have the options to choose between analogue or digital watches.
Analogue watches are those which use a traditional clock face whereas digital watches show exact numbers of the current time.
An analogue watch tends to give more of a fancy and classy look, unlike digital watches which are better for other purpose watches such as the well-known sports watch. 
So, it may seem like it takes a very long process to choose the perfect watch for yourself but it is worth it in the end as buying a watch is an investment that could even last you a lifetime!

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