How To Know Jewelry You Are Buying Is Original Or Fake

How To Know Jewelry You Are Buying Is Original Or Fake

For a long time, customers have faced the risk of buying fake jewelry while paying the price of a real one. To the naked eye, all the jewelry items look good. They all have nice designs and looks good on everyone.
However, they are many fake pieces going around in the market and to yourself, from such sellers, you must learn some techniques that can help you spot a difference between fake and real jewelry.
 Some methods to check whether the jewelry is original or fake:
Here are some simple techniques and methods that you could apply to check whether the jewelry is fake or real.
Using magnets
Using a magnet to spot fake jewelry is the simplest and easiest method. Various fake sellers cover steel and other alloys with a layer of gold through a technique called gilding. A genuine piece of jewelry should not magnetize because it does not contain iron. If the jewelry item is attracted to a magnet then it is fake.
Applying compositions
Applying various compositions can only help you detect fake jewelry among the real ones. Here are some cheap compositions that you can use to detect fake jewelry
  • Chalk – chalk is very good to check silver jewelry items. Rub the jewelry item with chalk, if it starts to turn blackish, then the item is real. If not, then the jewelry is fake.
  • Vinegar- Vinegar is used to spot fake gold. Dip the gold jewelry item in vinegar for about five minutes. If it starts to darken then it is fake. If nothing happens then the gold is real.
The quality of workmanship in the jewelry item you are interested in is very important. You should keep eyes on the following things
  • Is the metal heavy or light?
  • Does the item look strong enough to withstand normal wear and tear conditions?
  • Do the clasps look strong and they can open and close easily?
Fake jewelry items break easily while applying a small amount of pressure or at very least can be bend. They lose their shine; stones fall out and colors fade off.
Illegal marking
Marking can also be used to check whether the gold or silver used in the jewelry is real or fake. The real items have a mark on them that tells the customers about the quality of the jewelry. For example, the 950 mark on silver means that it is 95% pure. STR or Sterling are used to mark old and vintage jewelry.
If the jewelry item, you are looking at does not have a mark then it most definitely is fake.Unfortunately, many local sellers buy cheap silver and gold lookalike items and use fake jewelry stamps on them. You should know what a real stamp looks like before you go to a store.
Checking Diamonds and gems:
You can find a difference between fake diamonds and real diamonds very easily. The following are some ways you can use to spot fake diamonds and various gems.
  • Diamond- you would be able to check whether the diamond is real or fake by just breathing on it. If it covers in a fog after breathing it is not a real diamond. Real diamonds do not fog up because they have high thermal conductivity.
  • Emerald- real emeralds can be spotted through touching. Real ones are cold. They are very bad at conducting heat, so they always remain cold. If you want to check emerald thoroughly, you should inspect it under a magnifying glass. A real emerald does not have any patterns inside it. They are plain.
  • Pearl- the main way to check pearls is the price. They are highly expensive. If you are getting one at a cheap price, then it is because it is fake. Another way to check pearls is by placing them between teeth. If you feel it creaks like sand, then it is real.
Best recommended Jewelry that you can buy:
Here is some of our top picks for jewelry that you can buy without worrying if it is fake or not
This is one of the most expensive and beautiful rings we have. It has a beautiful flower design that will leave you breathless. 
The flower on the ring has three purple petals and three leaves and at the center, there are three beautiful yellow stones. The ring can be worn on any occasion, but we recommend wearing it at a party. We assure you that all the eyes will be on you and our beautiful ring.  
  • Made up of 92.5% pure silver
  • Has a beautiful purple flower design
  • Comes in multiple sizes
These beautiful earrings have a snowflake design and a star-like shape. This is the type of jewelry that you wear on special occasions like an anniversary or at a wedding.
These star-like shape earrings have an intricate design. These earrings not only contain topaz stone and silver but also side stones that are made up of artificial materials. These side stones enhance the beauty of earrings and make them even more beautiful.
  • The main stone is topaz
  • Made up of 92.5% silver 
  • Has a unique design
This is one of the simple yet elegant pieces of jewelry you will ever see. This bracelet contains heart shape spinel stones on a silver chain.
The chain of the bracelet is loose so that you do not have any difficulty wearing the bracelet, but it is not that loose that the bracelet will fall off. Beautiful black spinel stones give the bracelet a very elegant look. This bracelet will look mesmerizing on your wrist no matter what occasion you are wearing it on. 
  • Contains various spinel stones
  • The frame is made up of 92.5% silver
  • Gems are very cleanly cut
If you are trying to impress your loved one with a gift, then this is the best choice for you. The neckless consists of several crystals with large blue zircon being the main attraction.
The neckless has the word “love” made up of a silver frame with small white crystals embedded in it. Then this word is attached to the blue zircon in front. Hence, the neckless gives a very pretty picture with the word “Love” on a blue heart shape zircon.
  • The main stone is crystal
  • The chain is made up of 92.5% pure silver
This is one of the finest pieces of jewelry we ever made. This jewelry set consists of a set of earrings and a ring.
If you want that all the eyes are on you when you wear a set of jewelry, then look no further then this jewelry set. Both, the earrings, and ring are made of black spinel stones and diamonds which gives them a modern yet elegant black and white look. To further enhance the beauty of earrings, they are white rhodium plated.
  • Made of cubic zirconia
  • Has 92.5% pure silver
  • Earrings are white rhodium-plated
  • Earrings stones are Black spinel and diamond
At the end of the day, it is going to be the money that you spend so you must make sure that your money does not go to waste. We hope the above-mentioned techniques will help you make the right decision when buying the jewelry.



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