How To Select A Necklace That Suits Your Style

How To Select A Necklace That Suits Your Style

As you know the necklace is the beautiful jewelry item that helps you uplift your style if you choose the right one. Different occasions, different necklaces it all depends on your style and the way you carry the jewelry. 

Sometimes choosing the right necklace for according to your necklines, body type and height can be really difficult and hectic and that is why today we are going to give you some tips that will assuredly help you in choosing the right necklace for every occasion simply.

Things to consider before you purchase a suitable necklace:


Necklace length

The first thing that you should focus on is the length of the necklace. The necklaces and pendants chains are available in an assortment of different lengths and not every length is suitable according to your outfit and your height. 

Every feature of yours like height, body type and even the shape of your face contributes to how the selected necklace is going to look on you. 

Face Shape
just like your clothing and other wearable stuff have an impact on your jewelry the face contributes too. Here are some face shapes and the necklaces selected length that will go well with them

  • Round/Oval
    you should go for the necklaces that will elongate with your face such as the length should be in between 20” – 24”. It helps in framing the face and creates a V-shape that helps to bring the eye down.
  • Square/Oblong
    you should choose or go for a choker or shorter length necklace and it will help in softening the sharper angles of your face by prominently a longer neck.
  • Heart-shaped
    Just like the square/oblong faces, if your face is more heart-shaped then you should probably choose the short length necklaces that vary from 16” – 18” to help soften the sharper angles of your face.



This is the hardest part when it comes to choosing the necklace. We have provided a guide below that will help you accordingly in choosing the right one that goes well with your height.

  • Short
    If you have a short height of 5’4” or below then you should probably go with necklaces that help elongate your height. Shorter necklace length should vary from 16” – 18” and the longer necklaces length should vary from 20” – 24”.
  • Tall
    If you have a taller frame, you can go with any necklace but the longer style will look better as they will highlight your frame and if you are thinking of buying a shorter one then you should probably see if it compliments your face or not before purchasing.
  • Regular height
    If you are regularly heightened between 5’4” – 5’7” then you can probably go with any necklace you want but remember to focus on your face shape and body type.


Our recommendations for the necklaces:

If you are still confused and can’t focus on what you should purchase, here we have some finest recommendations that will assuredly look good on you.


If you are looking for a simple yet attractive looking necklace then flower fairy pendant might be the right choice for you.

What are the features of this product?

  • The chain is made from the material called Cubic Zirconia and the symbol is held by the material 925 sterling silver which makes it look extra attractive on your neck.
  • The pendant size varies from 1.2*2.6cm which makes it easy to carry and casual
  • The length varies from the 38 – 45cm and is perfect for every height.
  • It only weighs 3.5g which makes it extra light on your neck.
  • The fairy symbol looks extremely exquisite and attractive, made from the Oxidized silver.



If you are a person who loves nature and the jewelry that appreciates nature by the way it looks then this might be an ideal necklace for you.

What features make this product exquisite?

  • The product is made from the complete exquisite material called Cubic Zirconia 
  • The symbol holder is made from the oxidized silver to give it an impeccable touch
  • The nature appreciating tree symbol has 925 silver sterling work and enamel process on it to make it look extra attractive
  • The length varies from 38 – 45cm which makes it suitable for every height and face shape.
  • It only weighs 3.5g to make it super light yet attractive.



If you are a person that loves necklaces that hold attractive pearls then this necklace would be an ideal piece for you.

What makes the product look extra attractive?

  • The metal type of the product is silver which makes it look super simple yet amazing
  • Made from the exquisite material Cubic Zirconia
  • The shape or pattern of the symbol is like a water drop, again it also appreciates nature somehow.
  • The symbol holder has 925 sterling steelwork on it to make it look attractive and the symbol is made from the material shell pearl.
  • The length is about 45CM which elongates your neck and looks super good.



This fancy and impeccable nature appreciating necklace goes well with every outfit of yours and that is what makes it the most reliable jewelry.

What are the key factors of this product?

  • Copper metal type is used in making the product to give it the finest look
  • This exquisite attractive looking jewelry is nickel and lead-free
  • The gorgeous looking stone offers the two-color combination of light green and cubic zirconia
  • Light-weighted product to make it feel extra soft on your neck
  • The combination of the gunmetal and gold color in the metal makes it look stunning
  • Gold plated tiny stones are attached to the spectacular green colored water-dropping symbol.



If you like to wear the dice shaped symbol necklaces then this might be an ideal choice for you as it goes well with every body type and face shape.

What are the leading factors?

  • The following product is made from the silver to give it a finished stunning look
  • The link chain is attached to the dice directly to make it look super great.
  • Exquisite cubic zirconia material is used 
  • The dice holds a diamond inside that is what gives the pendant the exquisite and expensive look.
  • Chain length is 45 cm and the extensional 5 cm along.
  • Complete 925 sterling steel necklace



The jewelry is a part where your choice is the most important factor and choosing the right necklace will always go with every outfit of yours and enhance the way you look.

Choosing the right necklace can be hard sometimes, the confusion of whether it will look good on you or not always hits you up when you are purchasing that is why we have provided you with the guide as well to help you select the suitable necklace.

The most exquisite looking recommendations are also present to ease down your various concerns related to necklaces. Read the article completely and know more about how to select a necklace according to your body, face shape and height.


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