What do we not know about magnetic bracelets?

What do we not know about magnetic bracelets?

1. What is the strength of the magnets in the bracelets you offer?
Different models use magnets with different magnetic field strengths. It is often from 800 to 1500 Gauss, which is fully consistent with the latest recommendations in the field of individual magnetic therapy.

2. If a magnet has a force of 1000 Gauss, does this mean that a bracelet with 6 magnets has a magnetic induction of 6000 Gauss?
No. It is important to know that increasing the number of magnets does not increase the magnetic field's strength. The great advantage of the increased number of magnets is the significant increase in the propagation of the total magnetic field and the absence of bracelets to monitor whether the magnets are located exactly on the inside of the wrist, where the effect is strongest.

3. How long can magnetic bracelets be worn?
Magnetic jewelry can (and should) be worn constantly or depending on your daily routine. The therapeutic and compensatory action of the magnets allows the jewelry of your choice to accompany you constantly.

4. Can two, three, or more magnetic bracelets be worn on the one hand at a time?
Yes. If necessary or at your request, two, three, and more magnetic bracelets can be worn on one hand simultaneously. As we have already said, increasing the number of magnets does not increase the strength of the bracelet's magnetic field.

5. Should the bracelet fit snugly to my hand to ensure an effective impact?
No. This is not mandatory. Adjust the size of your bracelet according to your personal preferences. The effective magnetic field allows for action and penetration into the body, even if the magnet is not tightly attached to the body. The bracelet creates an equivalent circular magnetic field that acts on the blood's hemoglobin. It improves blood circulation—the greater the amount of blood passing through the magnetic field, the greater the effect. More importantly, not what the length of the bracelet is, but whether it is worn regularly.

6. Is it possible to become addicted or accustomed to magnets?
Wearing magnetic bracelets cannot develop any habituation or dependence on the created magnetic field. On the contrary, the only thing you will receive is the constant support from the created magnetic field and the maximum result for improving the condition of various organs and systems and the organism's overall condition.

7. With which pole is the effect of magnets on the human body?
In all the jewelry offered on this site, the magnets are built so that the impact is carried out with the North Pole to the body. This is because the North Pole has a stronger healing effect, and such are the recommendations after all modern research in magnetic therapy.

8. Why don't I feel any difference in my condition?
It is important to drink enough water in magnetic therapy with low magnetic field intensity - about 1.5 - 2 liters per day. Magnetic therapy should not be used from time to time. Then it does not affect. Magnetic bracelets only work if worn constantly. If you are charged with energy, do not have any problems, and are in good health, you probably will not feel a noticeable change. The magnetic field constantly acts on the body at the cellular level. Just as you regularly take vitamins and minerals to protect your body from disease and maintain your health, it is recommended to use magnetic bracelets as a prophylactic regularly.

9. On which hand should the magnetic bracelet be worn?
About the action on the cardiovascular and circulatory systems, through the blood passing through the wrist, it does not matter which hand the magnetic bracelet is worn. To use the bracelet's analgesic effect, you can place it on this hand, on which you have a health problem such as bone and joint disease, inflammation, trauma, stiffness, tingling, etc.

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