What Does the Upside Down Cross Mean?

What Does the Upside Down Cross Mean?

What Does the Upside Down Cross Mean?

If you’re shopping around for clothing, accessories, or other gear and see an upside down cross, you may be puzzled as to its meaning unless you’re in the Catholic religion. Asking around, many people may erroneously suggest that it’s the mark of satan or the devil, but that’s actually far from the truth. The upside down cross has an interesting history, and once you learn it, you’ll feel more confident in wearing it yourself. 

Is an Upside Down Cross Related to the Catholic Religion?

Yes, just like the regular cross is related to Christianity, the upside down cross is related to the Catholic religion. There is some fascinating history related to the upside down cross meaning. The upside down cross is also called the “Petrine Cross” or the “Cross of Saint Peter.” This is in direct relation to the martyrdom of Peter the Apostle. 

Back in history, Peter was sentenced to death for refusing to conform to other’s beliefs, which led him to become a martyr. As a result of his refusing to advocate a specific religious belief and staying strong to his own beliefs, he was put to death. Other people with similar beliefs came to worship him. He requested that the cross should be upside down for his crucifixion because he wasn’t worth being crucified the same way that Jesus Christ was. This type of cross is also related to the papacy or the pope, as the Pope became the successor of Peter as Bishop of Rome. 

Records of Peter’s crucifixion were found in fragmented papers from around 200 A.D. This has led to Catholics using the upside down cross as a symbol of unworthiness and humility, such as Peter used it for his crucifixion. For this reason, the Papacy is represented by a similar symbol. 

What’s the Upside Down Cross Meaning?

You may see the upside down cross in popular culture and wonder if it has anything to do with religion. Generally, it isn’t very easy. It’s often been used for many other purposes than its original intent, though the most common ground is that you stand up to your beliefs, no matter what, even at the expense of bullying, or such as often happened in the past… death. 

You possess humility, for you know you are no better than anyone else. For this reason, the upside down cross has become the symbol of goths, dark waves, and metal music around the world for the past few decades. 

One place you may see the upside down cross is in metal music culture. Bands will often wear it as a tattoo, on their clothing, or even on musical instruments. They may wear it as jewelry in all forms – necklace, choker, ring, bracelet, anklet, pin or brooch, or even a belt buckle. 

The inverted cross may even be found in logos for bands or other dark or gothic brands. Often horror movies might include the inverted cross within their sets. It may play a role in Halloween decorations as a horror element. 

Can I Wear an Upside Down Cross?

Almost everyone today wants to be sure that they fit in but don’t offend anyone by wearing the wrong items. So, in answer to your question, yes, anyone can wear the upside down cross on their clothing or accessories, or can even purchase decorative items for the home. 

Many people who follow the gothic lifestyle will often wear upside down crosses on their clothing, whether they’re Catholic or not. This symbol is in such wide use today that you’ll not offend anyone, and it can certainly bring on an interesting conversation with other people. Perhaps you’ll even make some new friends who have similar interests as you!

What Are the Benefits of the Upside Down Cross?

Certainly, if you understand the symbol’s original meaning and are a good Catholic, then you’re proud of your religion and proud to wear that symbol. If you’re not Catholic or of a different religion but choose to wear the symbol as a decorative element, you are simply expressing yourself. You may be attending events where this symbol is common, and others with similar interests as you will be attracted to you too. If you can appreciate the strength and humility of this symbol, you’ll want to wear items with it too.

Where Can I Find Upside Down Cross Products?

You’ll be able to find upside down cross products in small local gift shops, music shops, online, or on our site, HERE. There are plenty of different purchase options, whether you wish to express your religion, express your beliefs, or wear it as a decorative symbol. 

What is the upside down cross meaning for you? It may be even be something different than the religious, music, or belief symbol that we’ve mentioned above. But no matter what, you can wear your upside down cross symbols proudly, letting the world know that someone else’s beliefs will never oppress you, and you’ll always stand up to what is right. 

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