Why choose vegan leather for your handbag?

Why choose vegan leather for your handbag?

what is vegan leather made of...

We will present the main advantages of vegan leather and why you should choose a handbag of this type. Vegan leather is better known as artificial or synthetic. Vegan leather is most often made by applying a layer of wax, paint, and polyurethane-based on textiles; this is done to get as close as possible to genuine leather's touch and appearance. Different types of materials are used as a base: polyester, cotton, nylon, or viscose. The two main types that are used to make handbags are polyurethane (PU) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC - "Vinyl") faux leather.

The types of vegan leather and which one to choose for our handbag:

PVC vegan skin was distributed in the United States in the early 1940s. The original pre-black synthetic vegan leather was for making shoes, upholstery, and car interiors. In the late '50s, began to be needed in the manufacture of handbags. PVC faux leather is not as breathable as PU leather; this honor is also a great advantage, especially for products that need to repel moisture, such as paperbacks and mobile phone cases. PVC is made by combining polyvinyl chloride with stabilizers (for protection), plasticizers (for softening), and lubricants (to make it flexible) and then applying it to the base material. This type is most often used for upholstery on furniture, hospital beds, or restaurants. This is because it is effortless to clean maintenance, making it the ideal choice for this purpose.

PU synthetic vegan leather is the closest to genuine skin and is the preferred choice for making handbags and clothes. PU vegan skin is softer, more flexible, and more breathable. Skin is made by applying a 100% polyurethane coating on a base material. This type of material is easy to process, decorate and design, making it the preferred choice for making dams bags.

Advantages and disadvantages
1. PU vegan skin has similar properties as real leather. It is resistant to wear; it will not change color or break.
2. The price of PU skin is lower.
3. The preferred choice of people - environmentalists - your handbag's production does not affect animals.
4. PU Vegan skin is machine-made - it is evenly colored with the same thickness.
5. It can be produced in all colors without worrying about fading.

1. Faux skin does not show the shine and specific smell of natural leather.
2. Faux leather often has the smell of paint.
3. The life of the skin is shorter than that of genuine leather.

We leave it to you to choose what material you want your handbag to be made of. However, we will try to present you with different models of women's bags which, in our opinion, are as close as possible in quality to the bags made of genuine leather. Why choose PU vegan skin for your handbag?
A beautiful and elegant handbag, completely eco-friendly. Available in a wide variety of colors. Appropriate and convenient distribution for daily use. The bag has two types of handles - long for the shoulder and one for carrying in hand. You can also see the other colors in which it is available here.
If you are looking for a smaller and more practical handbag, this model is just for you. The model is made of eco-leather with a suitable distribution for everyday use. It has a long and a short handle for maximum wearing comfort. Available in a wide variety of colors, which can be found here.
Super elegant and well-organized women's bag suitable for formal occasions and events. The well-distributed interior of this model is one of its most significant advantages. The bag has comfortable and soft handles. Available in a wide variety of colors to choose the most suitable for your outfit. You can browse here.
In this model, a women's handbag is again selected as a high-quality eco-leather to give a stylish and sophisticated look. The bag has comfortable and practical pockets that are secured and zipped. Two handles for maximum wearing comfort. A wide variety of colors can be found here.

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